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We provide Galveston fishing trips with three locations on Galveston Bay. We service and specialize small group fishing trips up to 4 people. Our competitive rates are a great deal for a full day of excitement. Fishing Trinity, West, East and back bays; we will provide our clients with the experience needed to succeed. Targeting Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder. Capt. Jesse Francisco and his team wade, drift, and anchor from the boat to track the fish year round. Our licensed, certified, insured staff will give you the conference to just focus on the fishing. Houston, Baytown and Galveston offer the top inshore fishing water on the Texas Gulf Coast, and we want to share our love and passion with you.

We would like to invite you, your family and friends on the best Galveston Fishing Charter in Texas. Gulf Coast King is one of the fastest growing Saltwater Fishing Charters in the area. Captain Jesse Francisco and his team of experienced Fishing Guides provides a wide range of knowledge in both wade and drift fishing for Speckled trout, Redfish, and Flounder. Gulf Coast King is family owned and operated and is the first generation of fishing guides that has been fishing Galveston Bay Complex for the past eighteen years.

Our Galveston Fishing Guides are certified U.S.C.G. Captains and team up together to provide the best experience on the water. We will leave the docks around 6:00 am from the best selected locations to launch and get you on the fish. Galveston Fishing is our number one passion in life and we all wish to share this with you, your friends and families. Our fishing guide service is here to serve you, no matter what the occasion; birthdays, family outings, corporate events, company team building and more. Stop fishing around, and Book your Galveston fishing trip today with the Captain!

Galveston fishing guides have grown rapidly over the past few years and anglers enjoy the  common recreation of fishing. As the surrounding water front properties continue to grow and our economy climbs at this slow pace; fishing for the average angler on the bank will nearly be impossible. The stress of driving around looking for a place to fish with no outcome, or going to the same spots sharing it with others. After a long week you just want the best ways to get away from it all. Gulf Coast King and the guides on staff have the most economical solution for you, call and book your Galveston Fishing trip now.


Fishing Galveston is like no other bay system in Texas. The way we fish along the Gulf Coast really depends on the water conditions, meaning the depth, structure and vegetation. Captain Jesse Francisco with (GCK) has spent a lot of time on the water developing a skill that targets fish in West Galveston Bay, East Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay. The Galveston Bay Complex has a very good fishery, our conditions of mud bottom, shell bottom, grass bottom, flats, and sand make a very good habitat for monster fish to grow. Our Captain has a boat that is key for this type of water. Gulf Coast King targets fish in any condition with the Gulf Coast Texas built bay boat. The boat can handle shallow water to deep open water and will be on a dry platform with room to move about. Galveston Bay is naturally semi-shallow with waters no deeper than 10 feet and most water not exceeding 4 to 5 feet. Other parts of our bay system has been dredged with depths reaching 60 feet plus and is mainly for commercial waterways. The transition of the deep commercial channels will also provide a great habit and migration path for the fish to move. The structure in Galveston Bay varies from North Galveston, East Bay, West, Bay, to Chocolate Bayou, to Baytown. Gulf Coast King has spent hours on end studying and fishing ever corner of Galveston Bay with his diverse style of boat. Gulf Coast King offers the best Galveston Fishing Charter adventures on Galveston Island. Capt. Jesse will report to the dock way ahead of time to insure the readiness of the boat and to secure the first pick of live bait. West Galveston bay is one of Capt. Jesse's favorite spot to fish during the summer months. West Bay is one of the best speckled trout, redfish, and flounder producers in our Galveston guide area. West bay also offers the best diversified hot spots and styles of fishing from dredging,  wading, drifting, and power poling to catch the anglers choice type fish. West bay will prove itself to be the anglers dream for summer time charters in Galveston bay.  Back lakes, deep reefs, shell pads, humps, troughs, sand, mud, drop offs, flats to marshes are just a few conditions West bay will offer on a guided charter.  Galveston's West Bay has a lot of different places to fish, although we did mention the water in Galveston is predominately shallow; West bay offers several fishing hot spots with  deep fishing holes that are adjacent to shallow flats. These areas are very difficult to locate and the Gulf Coast King has taken the hard work out of the equation and will increase your catch with the best chances any angler would have. This top rated charter service is by far one of Galveston's finest guide service, with great deals, and great teachings. 

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